“Every problem is a gift – without problems we would not grow” – Anthony Robbins


You cannot go through life without challenges, issues, difficulties or conflilcts, life itself is challenging. Some might think life is a frictionless ride but without some problems, growth is impossible.

Growth is like moving from primary schools or colleges to tertiary institutions, in such process, one might have pass through some challenges such as finding schoolwork difficult, having problems concentrating in class while others are noisy or disruptive, tricky relationship with friends and the likes.

In like manner, businesses faces challenges and problems, it is not everyday you make profits, sometimes you make losses. The effect of COVID-19 is one. Many business experienced and are still experiencing difficulties in business due to this pandemic but guess what? These effect of COVID-19 made some businesses to devise another legitimate and profitable strategies for their business growth and profitability, hence increasing and engaging their thinking and analytical skills. Some business that are not online are now making huge profits online due to effects of COVID-19. The pandemic make them realise that they need to grow in the digital world, therefore, they started growing when the problem(Covid-19) arise.

The thing is this, the problems you are going through builds your character and engage your innovative and creativity in you.


Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.” –Anonymous

By Damilola Ogunmakin

Damilola Ogunmakin is an information entrepreneur, digital marketer and a blogger. He identifies and evaluate information needs, provide information directly to information and organizational consumer. He helps individuals and organizations to develop websites and associated applications. Damilola is currently a team member at FitLife Café and CEO at Ellidams Innovative- an ICT Company that specializes on Website Development, Digital Marketing, and Graphics Design.

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