In every conceivable manner the family is a link to our past, a bridge to our future -Alex Haley


One of the main reasons young people work very hard early in life is to be able to take care of their families. Most people we have questioned why they want to keep a job and are anxious to move along the corporate ladder say that their primary objective is to be able to ‘put food on the table’ three times a day and pay school bills of their children.

Unfortunately the very desire, once attained has become the source of discontent in the family. Spouses of executives are constantly at cross purposes. They hardly have time for each other nor for their God-given children.

The person in the house waiting for his or her spouse is indirectly making contribution to the success of his or her spouse. If the non-working spouse fails to cooperate with the working spouse, the latter is not going to be successful in his or her work. Therefore, it’s about time organizations made provisions in their plans of action to sustain the marriage lives of their workers. This is part of social responsibilities of social institutions.


For you to be good in the boardroom, you must be good in the bedroom.

By Ayokunlemi Oshin

Ayokunlemi Oshin is a business consultant who helps businesses to overcome the initial hurdles of starting. She help individuals and companies in product registration with regulatory bodies and linkages with government agencies like Taxes and Export. She is the currently the CEO at Natureseffect- An Agro Allied Product Manufacturing Company and Chief Consultant at Xtreme Consult.

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