Our failures and inactivity makes us to fabricate excuses most times. These are the lies we tell ourselves when we are loaded with much task, and by doing so, procrastination comes in.

We can make excuses for ourselves but we cannot deceive ourselves, else we will be guilty of ourselves. Excuses don’t gets result, they make us procrastinate things and sometimes makes us inactive and unproductive. Smart people don’t excuse themselves but create excuse for others.

The best way to overcome the act of giving excuses is to perform the most arduous task first while others can be done during the day. So no more excuses.


They are only two options: Make progress or make excuses

By Damilola Ogunmakin

Damilola Ogunmakin is an information entrepreneur, digital marketer and a blogger. He identifies and evaluate information needs, provide information directly to information and organizational consumer. He helps individuals and organizations to develop websites and associated applications. Damilola is currently a team member at FitLife Café and CEO at Ellidams Innovative- an ICT Company that specializes on Website Development, Digital Marketing, and Graphics Design.

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