“In a bureaucratic system, useless work drives out useful work”-Milton Friedman


Absence of accurate and precise way of doing things, higher commitment among the staff to be effective and efficient and more bureaucracy are the harbingers of an organization in peril.
Survival is intertwined with the drive to stay competitive. The keener the competition the more difficult it is for any company to survive without highly committed staff. The staff must be willing to “build to plans” and to make their company look good. Accuracy is the feeling and unspoken speech which shakes competition. Once competitors know that your product is qualitatively and quantitatively accurate, you are at the defensive seat as opposed to offensive seat.
In sum, when the plans of action are right and the people to execute them are equally right and still more the management style and processes are sufficiently flexible and adaptable to changing needs of the organization, survival is almost always guaranteed.


The bureaucracy consists of hired servants, aristocracy – of idols; and democracy – of idolaters
George Bernard Shaw

By Ayokunlemi Oshin

Ayokunlemi Oshin is a business consultant who helps businesses to overcome the initial hurdles of starting. She help individuals and companies in product registration with regulatory bodies and linkages with government agencies like Taxes and Export. She is the currently the CEO at Natureseffect- An Agro Allied Product Manufacturing Company and Chief Consultant at Xtreme Consult.

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